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Olitia Foods - Pure Quality, Healthy and Natural Food Products

Olitia Foods Pvt, Ltd. is a highly ambitious and determined venture by people who are proud of their Indian roots. The company has been established with a responsible approach towards serving all aspects of the society and spreading the great Indian values at the same time. It is a pure-hearted effort to bring back the traditions and switch to organic methods of farming. We are committed to provide the end consumer pure quality food products which are completely free from the artificial and chemical influence.

Our Products

Amlaan A2 milk

Milk that is known as the most nutritious food on the earth is regarded nectar in our ancient text.

Olitia honey

Olitia Honey is another health and nutrition highlight from the house of Amlaan. This bottle of liquid gold consists the traditional goodness that is being followed

Olitia Olive tea

Olitia Olive leaf tea is mellow and soft with a multitude of health benefits. It packs the antioxidant punch of a heavyweight.


February 17, 2017
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Benefits of Raw Milk

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Rose water: your companion of natural skin care

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Raw Milk Vs. Pasteurized Milk

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