About Olitia Foods

Amlaan: A combined dream project

Mr Dharmpal Garhwal sought Astrology and Vaastu advice from Ms. Sarika Sawhney. Both possess the same thought about purity and smart as well as soulful professionalism so they have decided to work together. Olitia foods is the first step towards this creative as well as responsible approach. Their next initiative is “Amlaan” (the means pure in Sanskrit) brand a whole well designed and well organized to provide the food products in their most possible pure form.

As the result of their thoughtfulness and eagerness to reach to the traditional roots now we can have natural honey with the lost flavor of Rajasthaan – carom seeds and basil. On the other hand, Arks are precious gifts of Avurveda to us which are unfortunately forgotten these days. In the quest of reviving the Indian knowledge, the long lost traditional methods of preparing arks have been searched and obtained.

Amlaan is not just a commercial project, it is a mission towards health and goodness. We promised to provide products having no artificial / synthetic contains, no chemicals and no polish on any food product. Now the company is coming up with pure A2 milk, unpolished pulses, pure spices, olive tea and many other herbal products.


Mr. Dharmpal has a strong belief that nature has blessed us with an immeasurable goodness which receives us in the form of fruits, grains, vegetables and milk. And mother nature cares us and cures us with her nutritions and wholesomeness. The pure food products should reach to end customer without any chemical processing and alteration. A sound health can easily be achieved by having good and pure food. And we have right food products and a balanced way to eat them, we may never need the medicine to keep us healthy, active and vigorous.

In his opinion the farmers and agriculture sector in India, especially In Rajasthan is very unorganized. If there should be an honest effort to coordinate and formulate the system and scenario, the end customer will get the maximum benefit of food products and nutritions in very reasonable price. At the same time the farmers will also get the full value of their knowledge and hard work.


Amlaan is an effort to touch the height of the success while having the strong roots in our great Indian Tradition. It is the mission and motto of the company to provide a whole range of products which are made with pure ingredients and in their purest form. There is no artificiality influence and processing are free from chemical involvement.

Amlaan is also committed towards support marketing for organized farming. Our director believes that if the farmers are satisfied and receive the full value of their hard work and respect, they can serve the society better. We have faith and strongly support PM’s Make in India mission and Double Income Scheme for farmers.

Amlaan is about combing technology with traditional methods. In our dairy plants, agro processing units and all other systems, we use the latest technology and machinery, but our soul is still attached to the roots.