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Olitia Diabetic Diet Food

Diabetes is a metabolic disease which is an end result of high blood sugar over a long period of time. The biggest cause for this is that the pancreas do not produce enough insulin or the cells do not respond to insulin. A diabetic diet consists of whole grains and slow-release carbs and lots of fruits and vegetables. Diabetic food has to be foods that lower blood sugar and help in moderating the existing levels of the same.

Citrus fruits, apples, berries and peaches are some of the best fruits for diabetics. These are diabetes super foods that power pack nutrition and help manage blood sugar levels. Olitia has produced various products for diabetes care and management and they serve as a great addition to the Indian diabetic diet.

Amlaan Diabetic Atta is a mix of grains that benefit diabetics at various levels. After an extensive medical research, we have carefully chosen ingredients for multigrain atta for diabetics. Amlaan Diabetic Atta ingredients include soya beans, fenugreek seeds, barley and oats among other whole grains. These are some of the best diabetes control food products. There has been a lot of speculation on which flour is good for diabetes. Since Olitia has its own farms and grows all ingredients organically. Amlaan diabetic flour is the best addition to a healthy Indian diet for diabetes.

Indian diabetic food is incomplete without rotis or flatbreads. It has been proven that it is not very beneficial to have only wheat flour for diabetics. A diabetic atta recipe contains many grains that release carbs slowly and help in managing blood sugar levels. Not every atta for diabetic patients is organically produced and hence their health quotient is questionable. Olitia specially mixes and grinds the ingredients that produce the best atta for diabetics. Since only the best grains for diabetics go into the making of Amlaan diabetic atta it makes it the best flour for diabetics.

It is not wise to consume plain white rice or wheat for diabetics. Some of the varieties of rice good for diabetics include organic whole grain basmati and brown rice. Diabetic rice should be slow in releasing carbs and have a very low Glycemic Index. There is no doubt that brown rice is the best rice rice for diabetics.

Another product by Olitia is the Diabaheal powder. It combines some of the best foods for diabetics such as amla (gooseberry), methi (fenugreek seeds), and jamun guthli (seeds of black plum). This is an excellent supplement to diabetic eating and helps in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes management. Diabaheal powder can be had as such or mixed in with foods to eat for diabetes. The powder constitutes some of the best diabetic foods and Olitia supplies and exports Diabaheal all across the world.

Olitia’s most revolutionary product is the Jamun Ark. A pure liquid extract of the black plums juice which one the top good foods for diabetics. Having Jamun Ark as a diabetic diet food helps in managing blood sugar as it works a lot like insulin. Jamun had been known as one of the best food for diabetics for its nutritional value and anti-oxidant properties.

Include Olitia diabetes care products in your daily diet and watch yourself managethe disease with nutritious and tasty foods to eat with diabetes.

Diabetic Diet Food

Amlaan Diabetic Special Atta

Amlaan presents a blend of whole pulse/legume flours (oats, soybeans, maize, barley and gram / chickpea) and without wheat, forming a unique “Natural Grain Mix”. Ingredients like oats and methi ensure that this Atta is high in protein and fiber with a Low Glycemic Index. This formulation is so unique that all its ingredients are chosen and used in optimal proportions, so as to have similar taste and sensory profile like any other normal Atta.

Amlaan Diabetic Special Atta controls sugar level and helps fighting diabetes. It is a combination of various grains, where the concentration of dietary fibers, minerals & proteins is more. All these things help our body to cope with diabetes, which is basically caused due to lack of insulin in the body. The amount of insulin, required to break down the sugar in the body, is reduced in diabetic people. This atta helps diabetic people to cope with this problem in a healthy manner. Non-diabetic people with diabetic history in family can also use this atta. It is available in 5 kg pack.

Jamun Ark

Jamun is loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids which are very effective to improve your physical and mental health. A regular intake of Amlaan Jamun Ark is useful in regulating blood sugar levels and normal operation of all body functions. The scientific reports say that it has an action similar to insulin, thus helps in glucose metabolism. It allays the unquenchable thirst of diabetes and increases the immunity system. It also cleanses the toxins from the blood and liver. Available inn750ml pet bottle, Amlaan JamunArk is an ideal remedy for diabetes.

Jamun arks

Diabaheal powder

From the house of Amlaan we present Diabaheal powder that is made with 100% natural ingredients. It is a unique formula ; a traditional blend of amla, methi and jamun guthli in their purest form and offers the excellent results on type 2 diabetes. While these herbs are proven effective in regulating blood sugar levels, the traditional method and quality ingredients are the further highlights that keep this product stand apart from the crowd. A must part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.