Olitia Extra Virgin Olive oil

Olitia Extra Virgin Olive Oil for cooking & hair

Olive Oil is the extract of the Olive fruit. It has 3 different types based on the number of presses and quality. Extra virgin olive oil is the first press of the fruit and is used mostly raw on salads, pizzas and pastas. Egyptians have used extra virgin olive oil for hair as it contains a lot of nutrition and strengthens the hair roots. Extra virgin olive oil benefits skin by giving it ample nutrition and lending a glow.
The second press is known as virgin olive oil. This the best form of olive oil for cooking vegetables and light sautéing. People have used virgin olive oil for skin treatments and for massaging right from infancy. Early Egyptians have given us the use of virgin olive oil for face packs and to remove blemishes.
The third press is the olive oil. This is the best olive oil for cooking meats and for frying. Though olive oil is the 3rd press, it still packs in a lot of olive nutrition. Olive benefits us in many ways. Olive oil uses a lot less heat to cook and absorbs lesser in foods compared to other oils. Olive oil salad dressing is very low in fat and gives a nice taste. Vinaigrette is the most common olive oil dressing and is consumed daily as part of a healthy weight-loss diet.
Olive oil nutrition helps in increase metabolism, lower bad cholesterol, promote heart health and also provide Omega 3 fatty acids. The benefits of olive oil are seen at both internal and external level. Olive oil hair products increase growth, strengthen hair, give it a volume and reduce hair fall. Olive oil benefits for skin include blemish free skin, even tone, scar removal, reduction of stretch marks and many more. The benefits of olive oil are numerous and one can see them with regular use.
Olitia produces Amlaan Olive Oil from its own farms and exports it worldwide so that everyone can make use of organic olive oil benefits. Olitia is the leading supplier and manufacturer of pure olive oil. We are the beat olive oil store online. Our farms boast of a lavish olive crop whose leaves are also used to make Olitia Olive Tea.