How the technology advancement is in the benefit of the dairy industry

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February 17, 2017
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Technology has influenced each and every aspect of our life and society. Also agriculture and dairy fields are not the exception. The latest technology available to dairy farmers is changing the way of milk production in many Indian dairy farms. The improved processes and various new tools have improved the quality and efficiency in milk production. Robotic milkers, individual cow sensors, automated calf feeders and inline parlor technologies are some of these innovations. Automation technology is changing the way we produce milk, and the benefits are far-reaching: improved profitability, milk quality, lifestyle and animal welfare. It can also provide us with information about the cow that we have not had before, to support decision-making.

Automated milking system (AMS) or robotic milkers

As a very popular part of dairy farming this process is being used by producers to improve the allotment of labor on their operations. This is very flexible and allows the family farmers to have a better quality of life. With AMS, the farmers are capable to get the valuable data of their farm; from udder health to milking efficiency. Not only for the farmers, it is also regarded good for the health and care of cows as it essentially lets cows milk themselves.


The sensors are attached to cows and facilitating the collection of information about each cow. The aim behind this technology is to help managing the herd more efficiently and improving herd health and reproduction.

With the help of sensors, farmers get the complete data about cow’s temperature, rumination, activity or other characteristics individually. Now the producers can easily and timely identify the health problem of every cow. Being able to catch sick and lame cows sooner will improve treatment success resulting in reduced disease losses, increased longevity, and improved animal well-being. This will help in caring and curing of animal as well as in productivity improvement.

Automated calf feeder:
This technology is very effective in reducing the labor and time to be taken in feeding calves by properly mixing and feeding milk replacer or cow’s milk. It is regarded very important to ensuring and optimizing calf health, welfare and growth performance.

In-line parlor technologies:
It is actually a complete set of tools and technologies that covers a variety of tools for dairy operations, including monitoring and evaluating the different facts of production system.

Advantages of milking tewchnologies and  equipments:

Considering many farmers the mill equipments have more advantages that allow dairy farms to function well while gain profits.

  • First of all, modern milk processing machines increase the activities of dairy farms at the large scale.
  • It can milking from herds faster while managing quality of the milk.
  • In big dairy farms, the automatic milking machines require only a few employees to harvest milk while function properly.
  • It reduces the farms’ work load and dependency on workers.
  • The modern milking machinery affects great on the milk production and its sales.
  • It helps to get milk from each cow within afew minutes, faster than manual milking.
  • The advanced milking machines take less time as well as less space, which is profitable to run dairy farms in a small space.
  • The milk equipment helps to keep the farm clean, even these machines are also easy to clean with less effort.
  • Milk machines are helpful to produce good quality milk that is used for making of dairy products like cheese, butter, ice cream and many more.
  • Helps to make hygienic products.
  • It is easy to use and no need to any queues to take it.
  • The worker can be tired after working for some hours, but machine can be used 24 hours a day without. Thus, it helps to maintain productivity.
  • Due to the advanced milk processing operation, it is easy to keep product price low cost and at reasonable to do reach to more people.
  • Milk equipments keep the  same quality level while it is not possible if dairy activities are done by human beings.
  • Helps to get more output with few workers.

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