Olitia Olive tea

Olitia is the world’s first manufacturer of Olive Leaf Tea. Using the topmost quality leaves of the olive crop, they are processed in traditional methods to retain nutrition. Olive tea contains a lot more Vitamin C compared to green tea. Since it is completely natural and safe, it is suitable for everyone in the family unlike green tea. Olive tea can be enjoyed hot or cold with additives like honey and lemon as per personal taste.
Olive tea is a lot more powerful and beneficial than organic green tea. It is very earthy and surpasses even the best green tea taste. We all know that there are many advantages of green tea. Olive oil packs these green tea benefits and a lot more. Olive tea can be had by patients of diabetes or arthritis, and is also known to prevent cancer.
And olive tea extract is said to contain more body than green tea extract as it is produced from heavier leaves of the Olive branch. Olive tea exceeds green tea nutrition as it has 3 times the multi vitamins and anti-oxidants. The health benefits of green tea are not new and hence Olitia took it a notch higher. Green tea uses caffeine, though a lot lighter than coffee but olive tea contains no caffeine and still gives energy. Olive tea has all the green tea effects and more. It helps in regulating cholesterol and manages body fat. It detoxifies the internal systems and cleanses the intestines.
It regulated the organ functions of liver and pancreas and hence regulates onset of diabetes and manages blood sugar as well.
Olitia is also a leading supplier and exporter of the luxurious Olive Leaf tea worldwide. We have our own Olive farms that also produce the olive fruit to make Amlaan Olive Oil.