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Non Alcoholic drinks and beverages

Elaaychi Sharbat

Elaichi sharbat is one of the favorite drinks to beat the summer heat and frequent thirst. Elaichi along with its unique taste and excellent medicinal qualities, is undoubtedly a powerful packet of health, nutrition and goodness. It has the soothing effects on the digestive system, respiratory tract and heart. It is a natural blood purifier. Amlaan Elaichi Sharbat is an effort to bring this traditional delicacy in a beverage form. Suitable for all time and events, this soothing and refreshing drink can freshen up your body and mind within a few moments. You may have it as a chilled drink make up your own type of mock-tails or add in desserts.

Paan Sharbat

The heart shaped beetle leave is the mine of medicinal goodness, so we thought to create a tastier beverage version of Paan. Our Paan Sharbat has a refreshing and cooling taste & impact. This is the perfect answer to the summers. The special taste makes it very popular among the children. Made up by the traditional methods and free from the artificial flavors and colors, Amlaan Paan Sharbat will soothe your senses and you cannot stop to just one glass. It is one of its kind sharbat , that contains the eternally rich flavor of betel leaves makes you savor that lasting aroma and flavor till the last drop. Serve chilled as a specialty or serve it with your favorite desserts to enhance the taste.

Paan sharbat
Rose or Gulab Sharbat

Rose Sharbat

In the season of extreme heat, Rose Sharbat is nothing less than a heaven. Fresh aroma of roses and the magnificent taste refreshes your body and rejuvenate your soul. We bring Amlaan Rose sharbat which is prepared by supreme quality Desi Gulabs from our own gardens. Purity and preservation of the natural element are our first priority. As the result, you get the most satisfying taste, fragrance and health benefits of roses. We have avoided the artificial colors and preservatives also. Grab a bottle of goodness to enrich your beverages and desserts in as many ways you can.

Saunf Sharbat

Saunf sherbat is basically a cool sherbet recipe which is prepared using fennel seeds. Saunf being the excellent source of minerals becomes our choice for the Sharbat range. Saunf is an excellent remedy for indigestion. Furthermore, it beholds many pain relieving cooling and refreshing properties. Amlaan Saunf Sharbat is an excellent blend of taste and qualities of Saunf. Most suitable in summers and monsoon season, this soothing and refreshing beverage is a relishing and rejuvenating potion. It is a better way to cool off the heat. A good beverage option for pregnant ladies and new mothers.

saunf sharbat