Olitia Arks: Bliss of Ayurveda

Humans consume a wide range of foods, drugs, and dietary supplements that are derived from plants and which modify the functioning of the central nervous system (CNS). It has been proven that each plant has its unique chemical specifications and can heal any specific disorder or problem of the human body and mind. Ayurveda is wide and deep within research based knowledge about the same beneficial attributes of plants. The Ark is an only and prime way to obtain the great medicinal elements of a plant.

As per the definitions in Ayurveda, Ark is an aqueous extract of an herb that is obtained through the distillation process.
Arks efficiently eliminate the nutritional deficiencies in your body and thus restore the correct function of the body. Arks rectify problems rather than suppress them. It is also said that herbs nourish every part of the body with their vitamin and mineral content.

When we ingest a liquid herbal extract, it is quickly and easily absorbed, digested and utilized by the body. The minute the liquid extract touches your tongue it is instantly absorbed into the blood stream; the body goes to work right away to utilize the action of the herbs. Because they are extracted in alcohol, the herbs are absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.

Benefits of Using Liquid Herbal Extracts:
  • They allow for optimal absorption
  • They bring about changes in the body much quicker than other methods of taking herbs
  • They have a long-shelf life
  • They allow you to get to know the taste of the plants
  • They are more concentrated
  • Many different herbs can be combined to make a customized formula
  • They can easily be taken in water, juice, or tea
  • They are convenient and easy to take

Amlaan is bringing the same goodness of Indian herbs in their purest and trusted form. The Ark range of ours includes Ajvain and Jamun. Obtained from the raw ingredients of our own gardens, these herbal extracts uphold their real medicinal values. We are fully concerned about processing method and hygiene aspect so, you can rely on these products. Ajvain and Jamun, both are highly quality enriched herbs that can help us to deal with many day to day deficiencies or requirements. These arks can be consumed solely, with water as medicine or as an ingredient in routine recipes. With each bottle of Amlaan ark there is a huge knowledge of Ayurveda and traditional richness of our culture. Make hem part of your routine and and feel proud to be attached to a great ethic.