Olitia pulses

Olitia Organic & Raw Pulses in India

The dried up seeds of legume plants are called pulses. They are the most power-packed source of proteins for vegetarians. There are more than 15 known types of pulses. Arhar (pigeon pea split), Moong (split yellow gram) and Chana (split chick peas) are most widely consumed pulses in India. Pulse crops are cultivated predominatly in South Asia, as it is part of the staple diet of the region. Pulses food uses are in dals, soups, fortified full meals, sprouts and many more.

Flours are the most popular form of pulse products. Chana, Moong, Moth and many other pulses are ground to coarse or fine powders and used to knead dough to make various flatbreads or to make porridges for infants. The importance of pulses is in the very fact that the first food for infants in India is “daal ka paani”, a boiled and watered down version of moong dal or “khichdi”, a mix of rice and moong dal cooked to a mush.

Proteins are the biggest chunk of pulses nutrition. Pulses are very low in fat, contain no cholesterol and are loaded with micro nutrients like potassium, magnesium, iron and multi-vitamins. In most pluses, calories are only 230-280 per 100 grams uncooked. The protein in pulses is almost equivalent to meat by weight. A vegetarian and vegan lifestyle is a healthy and natural way to a well-balanced life.

The benefits of pulses are one too many. It promotes strength and is a body-building super food. They have fiber which aids in digestion. Making soups by adding vegetables and/or mixing pluses to make dal or khichdi increases the nutritional value of pulses.

Olitia is one of the top suppliers and exporters of organic pulses online. We grow pulses at our own farms without the use of any pesticided or chemicals. Using only natural cow dung as fertilizer, Amlaan pulses come to you de-husked and unpolished to retain nutrition. In a premium packaging, Olitia ensures you get the best pulse to eat as part of daily diet and lifestyle.

Olitia produces a wide variety of raw pulses and cleans, packages and exports them all across the world. Amlaan pulses when cooked with Amlaan Sambhar Masala and Amlaan Chole Masala gives the perfect balance of taste and nourishment at its best.

Free from impurities

The entire product range under Amlaan pulses is 100C laser-sorted and graded using modern technology to ensure that you will get no impurities, damaged or weevilled grain of dal. These pulses are certain, ready to cook. It does away with the time-consuming process of cleaning grains at home. An intelligent and convenient way to better health.

Why choose Amlaan pulses

Amlaan pulses are available to meet the basic consumer’s requirement for a wholesome Indian farm grown, and nutritious pulses. The highlight are:

  • Pulses are farm fresh, all natural
  • Only premium quality grain
  • Totally laser sorted, machine cleaned and graded
  • Packed with natural taste and flavor

We make all possible efforts to take the shortest time for processing and packaging of pulses to keep them farm fresh. We also take high care that the farmers producing our pulses are using the quality seeds and following the chemical free agriculture process.

The Amlaan range of dals

Amlaan pulses are being launched in the given varieties:

  • Chana dal, moong daa, lobia, kala chana, kabuli chana, arhar dal, masuur dal (both sabut and chilka), and moong chilka.
  • 1kg and 500g packs