Olitia mustard oil

Olitia Pure Mustard Oil for cooking, health & hair benefits

Mustard seeds or sarso have been part of Indian food and culture since ages. Mustard oil in hindi is sarso oil or sarso tel. Mustard is part of our spice box and lends a sharp pungent taste to our vegetables, and dals in their tadka (tempering). Micro nutrients such as calcium, potassium and phosphorous are contained in them and help enhance immunity.

Fighting constipation and reducing skin infections are also some of the many benefits of mustard. Health benefits of mustard are complemented by other uses in many traditional cultures like to make an infant’s pillow (to ensure stability and shape), used in percussion instruments like dholaks and tablas or to ward of the evil eye.

Mustard oil manufacturers make extract oil from mustard in two different ways. Mustard seeds are pressed to give out mustard oil. They are also ground and mixed with water/vinegar and distilled to give essential oil.

Mustard oil has been part of rituals and cultures right from the massage given to new born baby and new mother to applying it on the doorsteps at special occasions. Mustard oil in India is used in cooking in the north, east and north-eastern parts. Mustard oil benefits the heart as it controls and prevents heart diseases. Mustard Oil and Amlaan Dubki Aloo Masala are a perfect combination for a simple and hearty meal of Poori and Dubki Aloo.

The benefits of mustard oil do not stop at just cooking or massage. People have been using mustard oil for hair strengthening and nourishment, for use in lighting earthen lamps at festivals and for arthritic pain relief. Mustard oil benefits are used in first aid too. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory and is a natural mosquito repellent.

Olitia is one of the latest additions to mustard oil manufacturers in India. We are also suppliers and exporters of the same and have taken mustard health benefits across the world. We have given serious competition to mustard oil brands in India as we stand out on grounds of our purity. Unlike many mustard oil brands that use palm oil or vegetable oil, we have always bottled pure oil for consumption, sale and export.

Olitia is proud to be a pure mustard oil manufacturer and bring its benefits to the people. We are proud to preserve our culture and beliefs as mustard and mustard oil is held very important in them. We are not the only mustard oil company in India, but we are for sure one of the best manufacturers who maintain purity and make only unadulterated and organic mustard oil.