Olitia honey

Olitia Pure & Raw Honey for eating

Honey is a natural sweetener made by insects. Honey ingredients are mono saccharides, fructose, and glucose that lend its natural sweet flavor to it. The most popular and commercial version of honey as we know is comes from beehives and is made by honeybees. Raw honey is the best and purest form of honey. Raw organic honey has few takers as it is tough to extract and is hence expensive. Raw honey benefits people in the foremost way of not having any additives. Amlaan honey is 100% pure honey. Sourced from the best honeycombs across India, this natural honey is also flavored with Tulsi (Basil) and Ajwain (Carom). The bees that feed on these natural medicinal plants are what in turn produce unpasteurized honey that is brought to you by Olitia.

Olitia is the largest manufacturer and supplier of pure 100% natural honey. Organic raw honey is the most beneficial as it pure and unadulterated. Benefits of raw honey include increased metabolism, stronger stamina and instant energy. Eating raw honey gives you all these and more. Olitia is one of the biggest honey manufacturers in India. Raw honey uses in home are to make sweets, lemonade and even Olitia Olive Leaf Tea. Heating honey causes it to lose its nutritional value. Eating raw honey is better. Filtered honey is a close second option. A bottle of honey can also be used in first aid. It soothes burns and stings. Indian honey is considered very healthy as most bee farming in India is in medicinal plants farms. Honey production in India has taken a new meaning and getting pure honey in India is not difficult anymore. Olitia is one of the top raw honey brands in India.

There are many types of honey in India, and hence honey business in India is growing at a rapid rate. The honey market in India is huge and so there are many natural honey suppliers. Olitia is one of the top pure honey brands in India that deals with raw honey online business too. To buy pure honey online is a challenge but we assure of you of our Quality. We QC our products time to time and hence we are proudly one of the best organic honey brands in India. The honey market in India has grown by leaps and bounds and we tapped it at the right time. We are organic raw honey exporters in India and have a huge happy client base nationwide and overseas.

Olitia is proudly one of the first pure honey brands in India with intense focus on raw organic honey online sales. Honey in India has been a part of many cultures and traditions and we are happy to be manufacturers of such a great product. Olitia brings you pure natural honey and raises a toast to your health.



From ancient time, honey is being applied for soothing sore throats and cough, removing parasites, healing cuts, wounds, scrapes and burns and also in relieving hangovers. It is a powerful anticeptic.This delicious natural sweetener, helps in improving digestion and relieving nausea. While being enriched in qualities of ajvain and tulsi, it provides you a nice control over cholesterol, sleeping disorders and allergies. Amlaan honey is raw and is full of pre-biotics so it is very effective in promoting the growth of good bacteria in the intestine.


It’s often said that the famed ancient beauty Cleopatra would soak in honey and milk baths. Honey works tremendously over damaged skin, hair and nails. It is helpful in moisturing dry skin, conditioning damaged hair, and soothing the sunburned skin. Amlaan honey is quite suitable to be applied solely or a part of facial mask, hair highlighter and cuticle moisturizer also. Ajvaain and tulsi enriched Amlaan honey is loaded with antioxidants, enzymes, and other nutrients that nourish, cleanse, and hydrate skin. These herbs will make you look glowing as they help in acne and scar treatment.


From children to elder, everyone admires the delicate sweetness of honey. Add Amlaan honey in lemonade, green tea, olive leaf tea and make it a joyful beverage. It is a nice replacement of sugar in baking also. Having honey in the place of sugar helps you in improving your metabolism and checking your weight under control. The flavor of Tulsi and Ajvain will certainly appeal your taste buds. So don’t wait. Go for it.